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Marie lost 56 lbs

=Weight Loss SuccessOften I see commercials and ads on weight loss, the before and after pictures and wonder how true they were. Im living proof of that successful weight loss story at unimed center with Dr. Liu, Jenny and her staff.

Antonietta lost 42 lbs

=Weight Loss SuccessI am so happy with Unimed program. I feel so full of energy now I am not tired any more my knees feel better.

IV Therapy Before & After

IV TherapyI suffer from a lot of skin issues , I was told , i have allergies with so many things, I was also told i have excema which is common among people with asthma. I resulted in so many many treatments by dermatologist, asthma and allergy specialist, pulmonologist and I resulted in buying so many specialty creams to cure my skin issues but no relief despite spending hundreds in vitamins and special creams and skin treatments.

Ms. Jimenez Before & After

=Weight Loss SuccessAfter much struggle losing weight and being able to go back to my original weight, I decided to visit a professional facility to help reach my fitness and health objectives. I made the right choice as Unimed medical center has helped me lose 50 pounds!

Megan L Before & After

=Weight Loss SuccessWhen I first went to the UniMed center I was extremely overweight. Looking in the mirror I did not see it. It was not until I started seeing photos of myself did I realize how much weight I had gained. I knew I had to do something.