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Corine Lost 40 lbs

Corine Weight Loss Success

My name is Corine M. and I have lost over 40 lbs. in 7 months with the help of Dr. Jenny Liu and the Unimed Center. I have been a yo-yo dieter for most of my life. This clearly caught up with me, and in my 40's the weight began to creep on little by little. My attempts at addressing this with many commercial diets had failed. I knew something was going on with my body and was looking for a medical analysis to figure it out. I wanted to address “my” specific problems and get my body back into optimal health.

Tim Survived Metastatic Cancer

I was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in 2001, and was treated with chemo and radiation. I had been well until 2007, when it was found that the cancer had spread to my liver. I was then treated again with chemo and radiation therapy, as well as surgical resection.

Bill Lost 45 lbs

Bill S Weight Loss Success

Last summer, I had all but concluded that I wasn’t able to get back into healthy physical condition. I weighed 240 pounds, and at age 48, there were times when it seemed as if I were 30 years older. I was worried about how I physically felt -- always tired and stressed -- and was embarrassed by how unhealthy I looked. It appeared I had reached a point in life where there were more physical activities in which I could no longer participate than ones that I could realistically enjoy.

Anne R. Lost 48 lbs

Anne R Weight Loss Success

It has been an amazing journey and I feel 100% better than I have in a long time. Since I have started going to Dr. Liu, I have inspired 2 family members and 2 co-workers to also join the program and they are doing amazing! Thank you Dr. Liu & staff for helping me get my life back on track!

Jo-Ann Lost 50 lbs

joann lost 50 pounds

Over the past years I have tried every diet out there but never had the success I had with Dr. Liu’s program. In just 4 months I lost 50 pounds. I found the program very easy to follow. The food and drinks are delicious and filling. Dr. Liu gave me the support and encouragement to believe that I can do this and that I deserve to live a happier and healthier life.