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IV Therapy Before & After

I suffer from a lot of skin issues , I was told , i have allergies with so many things, I was also told i have excema which is common among people with asthma. I resulted in so many many treatments by dermatologist, asthma and allergy specialist, pulmonologist and I resulted in buying so many specialty creams to cure my skin issues but no relief despite spending hundreds in vitamins and special creams and skin treatments. When things get worse I resulted in steroids injections and many times in oral steroids which help me on a short time basis. I am miserable by the time I went to see Dr Liu. I am a practicing nurse and I know i do not want to be dependent on steroids for what seems to be an unknown allergies to something. I took a chance on getting on board with immune booster with gluthatatione iv treatment and I can testify that my skin has improved, the itch is gone and my energy level has pick up and I feel good which I never been for such a long time. I have given Dr liu's card to my friends, co workers and everyone that ask if I have a botox done! that will be next in my agenda! 

Thanks Dr Liu, take care of all my friends , we need to retire in good shape and enjoy the world and God's blessings! God bless you and you efficient & wonderful crew!

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