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Marie lost 56 lbs

Weight Loss

Often I see commercials and ads on weight loss, the before and after pictures and wonder how true they were. Im living proof of that successful weight loss story at unimed center with  Dr. Liu, Jenny and her staff.

When I first met Dr Liu i weighted 176 lbs, size 10/12 , I felt out of breath all the time and not to happy with my looks. Im also a breast cancer survivor so carrying all that weight was not very beneficial as I was considered obese. Dr Liu and her staff were very pleasant and attentive to my needs, they address my concerns and work with  me. As a nurse myself I knew my risk with diabetes, hypertension and poor prognosis with cancer, etc.

I needed that lifestyle change ! I must say I did it , with the help of Dr Liu and her staff i lost 56 lbs, SERIOUSLY !! Not only the weight but build more muscle mass, much less body fat (practically none) . I honestly look great. Many has asked if I had weight loss surgery, NOOOO I say to all. I’m so happy to be healthier and actually keeping up with my lifestyle change. I’m currently 120 lbs size 0/2, its unbelievable. Didn’t think I can but Dr. Liu reassured me I could. I honestly appreciate her and her staff since then I’ve referred many co-workers at my hospital to her. I’m living proof it can be done, I love to eat but eat smarter these days. Therefore I eat to LIVE not live to EAT ! Thank you for your help Dr. Jenny Liu and staff, wonderful ladies working there. Thanks for changing my life. This is my story and before/after Pic.

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