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Resources for Weight Loss Support

Resources for Weight Loss Support

Everyone needs support in some form. During your medical weight loss program, seek people in your social network who can act as a strong source of support. Having a good support network is associated with greater weight loss outcomes and reduced stress levels.

Benefits of a Strong Support Network

When you have a strong network of support, seemingly huge obstacles become easier to tackle. Your support network will provide you with insight, motivation and advice that you can take and apply to your life in ways that make sense for you.

A support network gives you a chance to learn from other people’s mistakes. You can share troubles that you are going through and gain valuable perspective to help you through whatever it is you are facing.

A good support network will:

  • Motivate and encourage you to continue moving forward
  • Provide you with valuable advice to help you work through challenges
  • Give you a sense of belonging
  • Help you to manage and reduce stress levels

Finding Support

Support can come from any direction. One resource you can turn to is a professional support group. This type of support group is managed and moderated by trained individuals who bring together people with similar backgrounds so they can share personal experiences and gain insight from one another.

You can find an organized support group through resources like:

  • Your weight loss center
  • Online forums
  • Your workplace

There are also personal support networks, like those made of your friends and family members. These support networks are less formal than a professional support group, but they are just as effective in helping you gain motivation and encouragement as you continue to make healthy changes in your life.

With either type of support network, you should feel comfortable openly discussing issues you are facing on your weight loss journey. Support networks like these give you a chance to encourage others and gain encouragement as needed.

During your medical weight loss program, reach out for support in ways that are comfortable to you. Where your support is coming from is not as important as the quality of support you are receiving.

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