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Weight Loss and Wellness at the Workplace

Weight Loss and Wellness at the Workplace

Your workplace likely plays a pretty major role in your life. After considering the time you spend getting ready for work, your commute, and then the hours at the office followed by an evening of paperwork that made its way home with you, it may not be surprising for you to learn that the majority of Americans spend more time working than they do sleeping.

If work is getting this much of your time, then incorporating healthy habits into your workday is going to be essential during your medical weight loss program.

Getting Healthy at Work

Approximately 80 percent of American full-time workers have desk jobs. Fifty years ago, most workers spent at least part of their day on their feet. Even office work had more of a physical component, as it required you to be constantly up and down as you would deliver messages, file papers and take the stairs from floor to floor.

This is no longer the case. Increased technological capabilities make it possible for you to send messages, talk with co-workers and do most of your daily business without even leaving your cubicle. If you are feeling the need for some human interaction, the first place to go is the office lounge—where treats and vending machines commonly await.

During your medical weight loss program, you’ll have to start incorporating healthier habits into your workday. There are several ways you can accomplish this:

  • Start exercising at work: Use your cubicle space to your advantage and try stretching or flexing your legs for five or 10 minutes at a time. Take short walks on your lunch break or swap out your desk chair for an exercise ball for an added boost.
  • Bring healthy snacks: Load your desk with healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables and nuts. This will stop you from casually munching on whatever is lingering in the office lounge and will help you stay full and give you fuel to concentrate on work tasks.
  • Create an office competition: Chances are you aren’t the only one in your office hoping to make some changes in routine. Talk with your co-workers about starting an office weight loss competition and push each other to stay on track with healthy habits at work.

Long-term weight management requires sustainable changes to your way of life, and if you work full time, then you’ll have to make changes at your workplace, as well as in your home. Don’t be shy about sharing your weight loss goals with your co-workers. You might even find a new support system just outside your cubicle.

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