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Weight Loss Story by Jonathan McCaffrey

Weight Loss

This is Jonathan McCaffrey. Prior to becoming a patient of Dr. Liu, I have struggled with weight my entire life and have made at least two attempts with other "weight loss" doctors to lose weight. In one case, the doctor merely put me on medication and nothing else. The other doctor administered the "optifast" program, the same program Dr. Liu uses, however he was not nearly as comprehensive. With both doctors, however, I can say there was one MAJOR difference: they did not specialize in weight lose. Both doctors were seemingly trying to take advantage of the weight loss boom. They offered very little in substance.

In 2017, I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease. I weighed around 340lbs. My doctor told me to lose weight and exercise, which is really all you can do with liver disease. Unfortunately, I did not heed his advice. In 2019, weighing around 350lbs, I took a fibroscan test, which is a specialized non-evasive liver test designed to diagnose liver disease. The results came back that I had advanced fibrosis/cirrhosis of the liver. Needless to say, this was a mental turning point in my life. I knew I had to reclaim my health immediately. I researched weight loss doctors in my area and found Dr. Liu. Dr. Liu was highly regarded by her patients and administered the Optifast program. I was 301lb on my first visit with Dr. Liu. After analyzing my body composition, bloodwork, medical history and so on, Dr. Liu, created a comprehensive weight loss plan not just consisting of Optifast, but also of medications and supplements that are a "can't miss." I am proud that less than 4 months into the program I am 220lbs. I HAVE LOST 80LBS. My metabolic age is 7 years LOWER than my actual age. And most important of all: a recent ultrasound of the liver showed that I have reversed my fatty liver disease. All fat gone from my liver. Amazing! I feel the best I have ever felt in my life. More energy than I know what to do with! I can't recommend Dr. Liu enough. Every time I visit her I have to take multiple business cards because everyone is asking me my secret. Well, here it is!!

Jonathan McCaffrey

Weight Loss Story by Cleuza Naves Bocchino

Weight Loss

I am excited to tell everyone about the success I have had by following the Diet Program recommended by Dr. Liu. Dr. Liu has given me the courage to confront my prior appearance of being overweight and face the challenge of battling this forever. I was counseled on my medical conditions through very thorough physical examinations and personal counseling with Dr. Liu and her staff. I want you to see the endless possibilities I have seen. The gradual yet progressive change to being a more beautiful, confident and happier woman. The office staff weighs me and charts my progress on a continual basis. I not only feel better, but I can see the results of my weight loss on paper. The combination of wanting and needing a life change as recommended by Dr. Liu has served to fulfill my desires in becoming the thinner more attractive woman that I thought I would never see again. I was so wrong. Please join me here to address your goals and learn how to realize them by implementing all the dietary recommendations and life change of bad habits and you too will see and feel the progress that I have enjoyed. With all my best wishes to you for a happier and healthier life.

Cleuza Naves Bocchino

Weight Loss Story by Débora Silva

=Weight Loss SuccessThese before and after weight loss pictures make me proud. I had tried other weight loss programs but could not lose weight. In the beginning with Dr. Liu’s program, it was not easy because I was fighting against the goodies of my life.

Marie lost 56 lbs

=Weight Loss SuccessOften I see commercials and ads on weight loss, the before and after pictures and wonder how true they were. Im living proof of that successful weight loss story at unimed center with Dr. Liu, Jenny and her staff.

Antonietta lost 42 lbs

=Weight Loss SuccessI am so happy with Unimed program. I feel so full of energy now I am not tired any more my knees feel better.