Alternative Medicine

Alternative and complementary medicines are different from traditional western forms of treatment. Instead of prescribing a medication that will symptomatically relieve discomfort, alternative therapies focus on restoring health and well-being to the body so that you can naturally fight off disease.

Your body wants to be healthy, but due to environmental and lifestyle habits, as well as influences that are out of our control, we are sometimes overrun with illness.

Restore your body to its natural, healthy state so that you can ward of disease and begin feeling healthy again with alternative therapy.

Alternative therapies take a personal approach to healing.

Alternative medicine reaches beyond the grasp of symptomatic relief. This type of medicine incorporates your physical, spiritual and emotional health so that you can reach a state of mind-and-body well-being.

At UniMed Center Dr. Liu offers several alternative medicine programs, including:

Dr. Liu is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and is also a licensed nutritionist with a Master's Degree in Health and Nutrition, so she understands the benefits of both conventional and alternative treatment options. In many situations, alternative therapies can restore a patient’s health before conventional medicine is needed. Many alternative therapies can also be administered complementarily, or as a supplement to conventional resources.

Dr. Liu takes an integrative approach to alternative medicine that incorporates:

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Stress management
  • Exercise
  • Psychological well-being
  • Spiritual stability

Benefits of Alternative Medicine

The benefits of alternative, complementary and conventional medicine all depend upon the type and severity of condition in question. A lot of people are able to turn to alternative therapies when conventional medicine has not worked, though for some conventional medicine may be necessary if alternative therapy does not provide the desired relief.

Benefits of alternative medicine include:

  • Low risk of side-effects
  • Often more cost-effective than conventional medicines
  • Does not isolate ailments, but instead focuses on whole body well-being
  • Improves emotional and physical health

When pursuing any sort of treatment, it is best to turn to a physician that is able to treat you with both internal and alternative remedies. Based on the particulars of your condition, Dr. Liu can determine if one of the alternative medicine services would be beneficial for you, or if you would be better off pursuing conventional treatment.

For more information about alternative medicine services please contact us.