Injection Therapy

Vitamin Supplement, Weight Loss, Pain Control

UniMed Center offers our patients a wide range of injections including Vitamin B12 injections, lipotropic injections as well as neuropathy injections.

Whether you need a weight loss boost, are looking for alternative treatments for your vitamin deficiencies, or are trying to eliminate pain associated with neuropathy, UniMed injection therapies can help you.

Vitamin B12 Injections

If you are suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency—a condition in which vitamin B12 levels in your blood are too low—solve your problem with vitamin B12 injections.

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin which aids in the formation and maturation of red bloods cells. It also helps with the maintenance of nerve cells and serves as a building block in DNA. Deficiency of vitamin B12 can lead to health issues such as generalized weakness, numbness, leg stiffness, abnormal gait, memory loss, personality change and depressed mood, but Dr. Liu can prevent and treat your condition with vitamin B12 injections.

Who Benefits from B12 Injections?

In addition to preventing and treating deficiency of vitamin B12, vitamin B12 injections are also used for memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamin B12 injections can boost mood, energy and the immune system, ultimately helping to slow the aging process.

Vitamin B12 can also lower high homocysteine levels which contribute to heart disease and help treat the following conditions:

  • Male infertility
  • Diabetes
  • Sleep disorders
  • Depression
  • Asthma
  • Allergies

Vitamin B12 injections are even used to prevent cervical cancer and other cancers, so contact our office today to learn more about the benefits of UniMed’s vitamin B12 injections.

Lipotropic Injections

Give weight loss an extra boost with lipotropic injections at UniMed Center.

If you’re looking to reduce your body’s storage of fat while increasing your metabolism and energy levels, then Lipotropics might be right for you. Lipotropics increase your body’s natural fat-burning process, and when combined with proper diet and exercise can help bring you closer to your goal weight.

UniMed lipotropic injections are comprised of carefully calibrated doses of natural lipotropic nutrients that can stimulate the breakdown of fat and reduce the accumulation of excess fat in your liver and other tissues.

Enhance Weight Loss with Lipotropics

Lipotropic injections are injections of naturally-occurring vitamins, amino acids and minerals that maintain proper liver function and are essential to your overall health. UniMed Lipotropics are not only highly effective—they are a safe and simple way to increase your energy levels and increase your weight loss success.

Lipotropic injections include the following nutrients plus many more not listed below:

Choline is responsible for the transfer and metabolism of fats and cholesterol in the body.

  • Deficiency of choline can lead to fatty liver and hardening of arteries
  • Choline can be used to treat gall bladder trouble, diabetes, Glaucoma and memory loss

Methionine is an amino acid that helps prevent excess fat buildup in the liver and body.

  • Methionine can relieve and prevent fatigue
  • Along with choline, methionine aids in reducing liver fat and protects kidneys
  • Patients with Sulfa allergy should not take this injection

Inositol is a vitamin B complex nutrient can help control mood and appetite by affecting serotonin levels.

  • Inositol aids in the metabolism of fats
  • Inositol helps reduce blood cholesterol
  • Deficiency of Inositol can lead to hair loss

For information on how to facilitate weight loss success, visit our weight loss services page.

Neuropathy Injections

If you suffer from mild to moderate peripheral neuropathy, Dr. Liu offers patients nutrient injection therapies to effectively treat your condition.

Peripheral neuropathy refers to the degeneration of peripheral nerves that mainly supply the distal muscles of the extremities. Minor damage to peripheral nerves can result in acute burning sensations while major damage can lead to muscle weakness and even paralysis.

Nutrient injections for neuropathy are proven to treat symptoms of:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Cubital tunnel syndrome
  • Siatica
  • Diabetic neuropathy

To find out how nutrient injections for neuropathy can help with your related pain contact our offices in East Brunswick, NJ.

Make UniMed Center your resource for injection therapies and start improving your health today.

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