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Weight Loss worth Liking

Medical Weight Loss You can LIKE

We’ve all heard the woes of how much “screen time,” that is, the time we spend in front of a television or computer screen daily is impacting our waist lines. This day-and-age it is hard to tell how many hours the average person spends in front of a screen of some sort. Certain estimates say that children and adolescents under 18 are averaging about 7.5 hours a day in front of some sort of electronic media. For adults however this number is much higher, as many adults spend an additional eight hours every day at work in front of a computer screen.

Lose Weight with a Smile

Stay optimistic as you lose weight in East Brunswick

Do you see the glass as half empty or half full? If you’ve just started trying to lose weight in East Brunswick, your first inclination may be to pick the former. As we begin weight loss programs, we may dwell on the foods we’re barred from eating or the exercise we must engage in, and this can make losing weight feel like a chore.

Navigating the Supermarket for Weight Loss

Shop smart after visiting a medical weight loss center in East Brunswick

Though your medical weight loss center in East Brunswick can provide you with OPTIFAST products to help you lose weight, such products won’t be a part of your diet forever. If you’re on a partial meal replacement diet or have reached the end of your medical weight loss program, you’ll need to sustain the progress you’ve made with healthy habits, and that means cooking nutritious meals at home.

Managing Stress Intravenously

IV Therapy and Stress Management

Everyone experiences stress. Good stress or “eustress” helps keep you going by motivating and getting you excited about what lies ahead. But bad stress, or “distress”, has the opposite effect. In small amounts distress isn’t usually too hard to handle, but if the stressors keep piling up and you don’t have good coping techniques in place distress can get out of control—leading you to feel completely overwhelmed.

Fitness for Fun: Lose Weight and Love Your Workout

Lose weight in East Brunswick with a fun workout activity

If you’re trying to lose weight in East Brunswick, you may be spending long hours at the gym, toiling away on a treadmill or exercise bike to keep off the pounds. Though some people are fine with this kind of exercise routine, others may find themselves growing bored or frustrated with an unchanging and unexciting workout.