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Overcoming Overwhelming Stress

Your Alternative Medicine for the Over-packed Scheduled

An alternative medicine program is an opportunity to find balance in your life before you end up tossed in the mud in the middle of the tug-of-war battle. Whether you are trying to lose weight, overcome depression or fight chronic fatigue, alternative therapies like acupuncture give you the opportunity to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of your regular life and find a bit of perspective. Beyond the fact that alternative medicine treatments like acupuncture are recognized for their stress relieving capabilities, simply taking the time out of your daily grind to do something good for yourself can give you the insight you need to figure out what your next move should be.

Hike for Whole-Body Health

After treatment with Dr. Jenny Liu, try hiking near East Brunswick

Whether you’ve been seeing Dr. Jenny Liu for her medical weight loss or alternative medicine expertise, all of us could benefit from a little more exercise. Our modern society is more sedentary than ever, with medical journal The Lancet even calling the state of our exercise levels today an “inactivity epidemic,” responsible for about 10 percent of all deaths worldwide.

Becoming a Self-Caregiver

Remember to care for yourself after visiting Dr. Jenny Liu in East Brunswick

Dr. Jenny Liu can help you overcome many different ailments, but if we don’t learn to care for ourselves properly, we may end up not being much use to anyone. We shouldn’t necessarily put our own needs first, but should at least see them as equal to those of others. Think about it: when you tell your children to go to sleep, fretting over them getting enough rest, do you even consider whether you yourself are getting the sleep you so sorely need?

The Chia Charge

Try chia for your diet with medical weight loss and alternative medicine

If you’re pursuing medical weight loss or alternative medicine to lose weight or get healthier in East Brunswick, following a nutritional diet can be a huge part of reaching your goals. Though you may know chia seeds best for their ability to grow out of oddly-shaped pots, they’ve also been called the world’s healthiest whole food. Health-conscious eaters all over the country are incorporating chia seeds into their diets for the many nutritional benefits they offer.

The Value of Veganism

The benefits of a vegan diet for medical weight loss and alternative medicine

If you’re a patient of medical weight loss, you may have already tried all sorts of ways to lose weight or improve your health on your own. In modern times, new diets, exercises and unusual solutions for problems of all shapes and sizes seem to pop up every day, while the Internet makes accessing this information as simple as typing a Google search and clicking your mouse.