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Weight Loss as a Family Affair

Weight Loss as a Family Affair

Obesity is often a lifelong cycle, and breaking free from it can be a challenge. Children who grow up in homes with overweight or obese parents are more likely to struggle with excess weight as adults. Those who are overweight as children are more likely to struggle with obesity well into adulthood.

During your medical weight loss program, you can make changes in your own home that can help you lose weight, while also helping other members of your household improve their health.

Making your Household a Healthy Place

Healthy habits start at home. During your medical weight loss program, you’ll be encouraged to make small changes to your everyday habits. By taking these changes home with you and introducing healthy habits into your household, you can encourage other members of your family to make steady improvements in their health as you lose weight.

Your family can be a huge asset to you during your weight loss program. Simple actions like keeping unhealthy foods out of the house, encouraging you to exercise and helping with household duties so you have more time to focus on your personal well-being can be a great form of support.

You can be a source of encouragement in return by:

  • Making changes to family activities: Instead of spending an evening on the couch or a weekend at the movies, head to a local park or even to the backyard for some physical activity.
  • Cooking healthy meals: As you learn healthy eating habits, bring them home with you and encourage family members to eat healthier by preparing low-calorie, enjoyable meals.
  • Leading by example: During your medical weight loss program, do your best to stay positive. Get excited about your next exercise session or healthy meal. A negative attitude is just as contagious as a positive one.

You can also make plenty of subtle changes in your home to encourage your family members to be a bit healthier. Leave fresh fruit on the counter, limit the amount of sweets in the house and start drinking plenty of water instead of juice or soda. Small actions like these have the potential to catch on and encourage healthy habits throughout the household.

Your medical weight loss program can become a positive experience for every member of your household. As you lose weight, encourage members of your family to make small but influential changes in their lives. By finding ways to spend time together in a healthy manner, you can encourage better habits and even help other members of your family lose weight and improve their health.

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